Give our Children a Future Free of T1D


Give our Children a Future Free of T1D

Ask the JDRF, ADA, and other key fundraisers to increase funding for cure research


Today, type 1 diabetes research grant funding is in steady decline.  More and more money is spent on type 2 research while the key fundraisers, including the ADA and JDRF, are decreasing the amount spent on T1D research.

During the past five years, research grant funding provided by the JDRF declined 60%, and in 2015 reached a record low.  At the same time, the ADA reduced type 1 research funding to only 3% of its annual income.

By signing this petition, you join all of us in asking the JDRF, ADA, and other key T1D fundraisers to significantly increase the amount of money used for research grants.

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Give our children a future free of diabetes

Last year over 400 million people around the world are living with diabetes and the number continues to grow each year. For the parents of the newly diagnosed, the stress can be overwhelming of one simple mistake costly their child’s life can be paralyzing. For adults living with the disease, continued daily management is a necessity to avoid long-term complications that can include blindness, amputation, and even death.

Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are raised by the JDRF and ADA, the two most powerful diabetes non-profit organizations, to find a cure for this disease. 
But in 2014, out of the 416 million raised, only 31 million actually went to finding a cure, and this number has been steadily declining each year.

If this continues, there will not be a cure in our lifetime, or our children’s lifetime. This is not right. How can organizations whose mission for a cure is right in their tagline fail to prioritize it? The time to give our children a future free of diabetes is now. We cannot afford to wait for another generation, or two, or three.

Please sign this petition, and tell the JDRF and ADA to focus on their mission of funding research to cure diabetes today, and give our children a future free of diabetes.


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